We know that effective governance and a clearly defined structure where all parties understand their roles and responsibilities is essential to providing the best education for our pupils. Our culture is to support our academies and enable them to thrive by developing and sharing best practice, providing rigorous internal challenge and implementing decisive early intervention. We are proud to have a team who bring with them a wide range of professional and personal knowledge, skills and experience to support and challenge both our Trust and member Academies.

Cheshire Academies Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee and has a three tier management system.  The Members of the Trust are similar to the ‘shareholders’ in a company and are responsible for strategic oversight, whilst the Trustees are appointed to challenge and scrutinise the strategic direction and day-to-day running of the company.

Each Trustee fulfills three particular roles:

Director – because the MAT is a company;

Trustee – because the MAT is a charity; and

Governor – because the MAT is responsible for running the schools.

Good governance is at the heart of delivering educational excellence.  The Cheshire Academies Trust governance model identifies three tiers of governance:


Dr. Harry Ziman

Joanne Lucy

Maura Connolly

Jon Moorhouse

Duncan Haworth



Dr Harry Ziman (Chair, Cheshire Academies Trust)

Alison Brennan (Vice Chair, Cheshire Academies Trust, Legal and Compliance) 

Rob Hughes (Co-opted Trustee, Finance)

Martin Huber (Co-opted Trustee, Risk)

Alison Ashley (Co-Opted, Educational Leadership)

Janet Myers (Co-Opted, Governance)

Janet Sandford (Co-Opted, HR)



Resources Committee Curriculum & Standards Committee
Janet Sandford (Chair) Janet Myers (Chair)
Martin Huber Alison Brennan
Rob Hughes Alison Ashley

Trustees who have resigned since September 2017:




Joanne Lucy 01/01/2015 06/12/2017
Susan Walters 01/01/2015 06/12/2017
Gillian Hunt 01/01/2015 13/03/2018
Jon Moorhouse 01/01/2015 26/06/2018
David Wearing 01/01/2015 05/12/2018
Rob Ford 01/09/16 05/12/2018
Steve Ellis 01/01/2015 05/12/2018
Jo Harvey 12/10/2018 05/02/2019

Our Senior Executive Team

Mr Steve Ellis (Trustee and Principal Boughton Heath Academy)

Mr David Wearing (CAT Accounting Officer, Trustee, Principal Kelsall Primary School and Director of CLTA)

Mr Rob Ford (Trustee and Principal Mill View Primary School)

Ms Luci Jones (Director of Operations Cheshire Academies Trust)

Trustees can be contacted via our Governance Manager, Julie Griffiths at 


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