CAT Wellbeing

Our commitment to looking after our staff is absolute. It forms the bedrock of our work and as such we have worked in consulation with Principals and staff across the Trust to build a programme of unique commitments as individual and unique schools but also collectively as a Trust. These are commitments we take seriously. The mental and physcal wellbeing of our staff is so important to us. 

Attached below is one example. At the top are Trust commitments we have collectively agreed upon with individual schools deciding on their own bepsoke commitments at the bottom. 

We have attached some useful links at the bottom of the page for staff and colleagues to highlight some useful resources regarding wellbeing and mental health.

Guidance for the public on Mental Health and Wellbeing aspects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NHS Mental Wellbeing audio guidelines

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My Whole Self: Supporting your Mental Health while working from home

MIND: Coronavirus and your Wellbeing

BBC: Coronavirus: How to protect your Mental Health

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How to stay healthy during COVID-19

Sport England: Stay in, Work Out

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Coronavirus: Resources for dealing with the effects of lockdown for children