11 by 11

What is 11 by 11?

11 by 11 is a list of 11 activities or experiences that every child who attends a CAT academy will have experienced by the age of 11.

In May 2015 pupils from Boughton Heath, Kelsall and Mill View School Councils came together to agree a list of 60 different experiences or skills they would like to have before they leave primary school. We were incredibly proud of the imaginative and innovative lists they presented us with. Later that term staff and parents/carers at our CAT academies were asked to vote on their top 20 from the lists the children had provided.

In September 2015 all Trust staff, Governors and Trustees came together at Chester Racecourse for our first whole Trust INSET event. In the afternoon workshop all these stakeholders worked together to decide our final list for 11 by 11.

Cheshire Academies Trust '11 by 11'

1.Visit London

2.Learn to swim and water safety

3.Camp under stars, cook on a fire and look at the stars

4.Learn First Aid

5.Do something for charity

6.Plant it, Grow it, Eat it

7.Learn the basics of cooking

8.Perform on stage

9.Play a Musical Instrument

10.See the sea

11.Learn to ride a bike and road safety

Kelsall Primary School, Flat Lane, Kelsall, Cheshire CW6 0PU