Welcome to Cheshire Academies Trust

Cheshire Academies Trust was formed by three schools so that, by collaborating closely in a multi-academy trust, they could provide children with even more rich creative experiences that they would enjoy and remember. Each and every child who enrols at one of our schools, is valued and cherished for who they are, regardless of background or circumstances and we aspire that they all succeed.

We welcome all enquiries about the work of our Trust. Please email us on ceo@cheshireacademiestrust.co.uk to find out more.

Chief Executive Officer– Steven Ellis

I believe we are so much stronger together– as a family of schools that respect and cherish deep and meaningful collaboration. Any new schools joining us, will be as equals and will no doubt have the same founding values as us all. We will continue to learn from each other- together as a family of school committed to their pupils, staff and communities.

Steven Ellis Signature

Steven Ellis

Our Vision

‘A collaborative community of academies that provides rich creative experiences for children to learn, enjoy and remember’

Our Values


We lead by example acting appropriately and with sincerity. Our values are consistently applied with decency and fairness to all.


We make decisions with sensitivity and thoughtfulness based on the interests of teachers, pupils and communities.


We admire the hard work and dedication of everyone in our schools and strive to support them to be flourish. We provide respectful leadership with sensitivity and care.


We acknowledge and celebrate the role everyone has in our communities and promote tolerance, understanding and engagement in order to learn and be inclusive to all.


We strive to deliver a learning environment in which pupils and staff can be healthy and happy; where success means making mistakes and challenging oneself.

Everyday Creativity

Learning requires ingenuity and deliberate innovative thinking. We work to provide the space and opportunity for leaders and teachers to express themselves and take risks.