Scheme of Delegation

Cheshire Academies Trust (CAT) was formed in January 2015 when three local primary schools came together to support and challenge each other to further improve standards through a formalised partnership. The Trust also includes a Teaching School (CLTA) through which we are able to engage with a wide variety of schools and programmes such as Schools Direct and school improvement and support.  CAT was created with a strong sense of moral purpose to provide the best education and opportunities for children and an aspiration to improve the quality of teaching and learning in all CAT academies and for children in our wider community through the work of CLTA. We have created a Trust in which schools support each other to enable their children and staff to thrive through a creative approach to collaboration. There is a strong sense of ownership and belonging in CAT; this ensures schools benefit from opportunities to collaborate and work together.

Our Board and academy senior leaders have carefully considered the benefits of growth for our current academies and those joining our Trust. We strongly believe that carefully growing CAT will have significant benefits for the children and staff in both converting academies and our existing CAT academies. We continue to create alliances and be actively involved with local schools that are not part of CAT to engage in discussions around school improvement.

The scheme of delegation is not designed to cover every eventuality that may occur at every level. Indeed, members of the Trust may interpret it differently and while it does provide a delegated framework and clear guidance, there may be the possibility that further information is required in order to understand who may be responsible or accountable. If a situation occurs in which further guidance is required, the Trust Board, CEO and Director of Operations are to be consulted.

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